Local productions

Countryside traditions, specialties and development are central points of the Small Local Productions (PPL) project by Veneto Region, aiming to promote direct selling of agricultural products from farmers in compliance with safety and quality regulation.

PPL are farms with a small commercial circuit, offering typical foods of the Veneto area.
Thanks to close integration with public health authorities, the Region guarantees full compliance with high health and quality standards within the businesses involved and across every stage of production. The project brings together farmers and breeders but primarily benefits consumers, who can trust their purchases to be a perfectly safe and genuine 0 km product, as certified by ULSS.

PPL products include cured and fresh meat, sausages, fresh and dried vegetables, alimurgic herbs, flour, jams and juices, honey, bread and baked goods, milk, cheese, vegetable oils, snails, fish, beer and cider.

Le Mesine is proud to be part of this project, offering a rich range of products including sopresse, cotechini, sausages, salami and delicious pickles.

On www.pplveneto.it you will find the presentation sheet for each product, detailing cultivation or breeding methods and processing techniques, together with all the information about the manufacturer.

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