Traditional Wine Refermented in Bottle

Traditional Wine Refermented in Bottle

The sparkling white wine refermented in bottle reminds of the good old days. It is produced according to a peasant tradition too often neglected and yet capable of offering the most precious sensations.
Its aroma is intense and fruity, recalls the crust of bread; the taste is dry, well structured, fills the palate and persists with a pleasant bitter note.
This characteristic flavor can very well accompany the entire meal, but its favorite pairing is with cold cuts and cheeses, which it is usually associated to.

It is obtained by letting the wine referment on its own yeasts directly inside the bottle (sur-lie), a process leading to the deposit of a sediment on the bottom. For this reason it should be served inside a decanter, taking care of leaving the last half glass, clouded by residues, in the bottle.

Produced with Glera grapes from Valdobbiadene in compliance with traditional harvesting and processing techniques, Le Mesine's refermented white wine can put you in touch with the roots of local food and wine culture.

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