Typical aromas, unique flavors

At Le Mesine you can enjoy traditional Treviso dishes prepared as they did in the good old times, with ingredients produced and processed on site and a sincere passion for quality. Everything is zero-kilometres.

The house specialty is spit-roasted meat, both white and red, especially chicken, rabbit and pork. In addition to this, the kitchen offers every day a rich variety of dishes, according to season and availability: fresh homemade pasta such as gnocchi and tagliatelle, wild herbs risotto, stewed roast, beef, baked guinea fowl, omelette, vegetable soups, cold cuts and local cheeses.
A wide selection of homemade desserts completes the experience.
To wash everything down there are four excellent wines of our own production, first of all the Valdobbiadene Docg Prosecco Superiore.

The restaurant is open from Thursday to Sunday at dinner, and on Saturday and Sunday at lunch as well.

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A countryside environment with an authentic feel

Tradition is not confined to the kitchen, it permeates the ambience as well: exposed stone walls and wooden beams on the ceiling convey warmth and authenticity to the dining hall, giving it a refined yet homely character.
Large windows overlook the surrounding park, ensuring maximum use of natural light and a feeling of full immersion in the green environment.
Old utensils such as scales, cauldrons and lamps decorate the room, providing it with an authentically Venetian scent.

The large rotisserie in front of the fireplace dominates the scene: not only it evokes the aesthetics of tradition, it also lets it take shape and taste.

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Le Mesine